Cosmic Pearl


Making a modern pearl for a modern generation

The pearl is an innovative opportunity for a more free creation. We developed a brand-new technology of the highest Japanese quality. This technology allows us to produce a non-porous pearl coating in a variety of different multilayered colors, shapes, and sizes.

The pearls leave a planetary impression with their texture and color. We named the pearls a planet name respectively. The refined surface comes from oriental aesthetics and is most beautiful in the dim. So, this is our identity.

Cosmic Pearl Color

multicolor, unique, basic and intensive.

The beauty is in the shades.

Many years of experience helped us to create profound colors, which are being realized by our special technology.

Additionally, to the basic colors we also provide intensive multicolored variations. Depending on the incident of light and color, two different colors appear. Its impression of a drop makes it perfect for using it as fashion jewellery. Adding different colors will let the pearl dazzle.